This is one of the crucial questions new parents face: the difference between jogging stroller and regular stroller?

There are a whole series of points to be taken into consideration, in an accurate way, in order to make the right choice immediately without having to repent in the future.

There are many parents who declare themselves dissatisfied with a purchase made, perhaps on an emotional wave, of an object that is very beautiful to look at, colored or sponsored by the most popular characters at the moment, but which in reality proved to be very little functional or not suitable for their needs.

The first considerations on the light stroller

The first things to take into consideration, before making such an important choice, are various: do we need a smaller product or is a classic stroller also good?

When are we going to stop using the trio and switch to stroller only? When are we willing to spend?

Are we willing to give up small comforts in exchange for a more functional object? These are just the most important questions to ask ourselves, but let’s analyze them in detail to understand how to best orient ourselves in making the right choice.

When children are very small they cannot sit easily also because they do not yet have full control of their muscles, those of the neck in the first place, and then their favorite means of transport is, first the wheelchair and then the egg that comes. supplied with the trio.

This is attached to the base frame and allows you to have a stroller available which, however, will be quite massive and not particularly easy to handle, but at the same time it will make it possible to detach the car seat from the car and attach it to the structure without having to move, and maybe wake up, the child.

If this may be the best solution for particularly young children, when they begin to grow the use of a lighter stroller will be the best choice.

Around the year of life, the children begin to walk and want to sit less and less in the stroller, so it is good to have a light vehicle with you, easily foldable and manageable to the maximum, to be able to manage both this and the child to discover the world, at the same time.

I remember that light strollers are recommended only after six months of age.

Regarding the issue related to the size of the product, it goes hand in hand with what is the lifestyle of the parents, in fact, if you need to travel by public transport, or with cars with small luggage racks, the light stroller will be the choice best to do, in fact, space it occupies, once closed, is very little compared to a traditional model.

However, this decrease in size leads to sacrifices, but we must not think that they also lead to a decrease in quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of the lightweight stroller

At a glance, it will seem to us that light strollers are fragile compared to more massive traditional similar ones, but this is not the case, in fact, the structures of the lighter models are also robust and, in most cases, are supplied with excellent wheels that allow easy driving.

However, you cannot have everything, and buying an object with more compact size than a more traditional one also leads to sacrifices.

The seat, the backrest, and the storage pocket will often be smaller and will lack all the subtleties typical of the larger models but are still details that do not lead to losses in the functionality of the object. Last, but not for this aspect to be reckoned with, is the price factor.

Lightweight strollers cost less than their traditional counterparts, but before you spend a lot more, consider carefully.

Inexpensive strollers lack nothing essential and often prove to be better than the others.

One piece of advice that everyone should follow is to go to a baby shop to get a direct idea of ​​the product to choose; no advice spoken or found on the web can ever replace a direct approach with what will be the object you will be dealing with for several years.